1. See Figure 1. A DC power supply (Rin = 600 ohms internal resistance) furnishes 5VDC to a 0.4 H inductor (which has RL=140 ohms internal resistance). R = 1 kohm and at t=0, the switch closes. a. Find i(t) for t > 0. b. Calculate the effective equivalent resistance Reffective as seen by L not the inductor. c. What is the time constant for the circuit? (Hint: Reffective is total resistance of the circuit.) d. Find v(t) for t > 0. e. Find i (t = 1?, 2?, 5?) where ? = time constant. (? is greek letter tau) 2. Analyze the circuit (C = 0.1F) of Figure 2. Assume 5VDC input voltage and include a 600? source resistance with the signal generator. When R = 1 kohm, find i(t), v(t), and the time constant for t > 0.


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