4.66 It is required to design a zener shunt regulator to provide a regulated voltage of about 10 V.The available 10-V, 1-Wzener of type 1N4740 is specified to have a 10-V drop at a test current of 25 mA. At this current, its r z is 7 . The raw supply, V S , available has a nominal value of 20 V but can vary by as much as ±25%. The regulator is required to supply a load current of 0 mA to 20 mA. Design for a minimum zener current of 5 mA. (a) Find V Z0 . (b) Calculate the required value of R. (c) Find the line regulation. What is the change in V O expressed as a percentage, corresponding to the ±25% change in V S ? (d) Find the load regulation. By what percentage does V O change from the no-load to the full-load condition? (e) What is the maximum current that the zener in your design is required to conduct? What is the zener power dissipation under this condition?

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