*7.130 The amplifier of Fig. P7.130 consists of two identical common-emitter amplifiers connected in cascade. Observe that the input resistance of the second stage, Rin2, constitutes the load resistance of the first stage. (a) For VCC = 15 V, R1 = 100 k, R2 = 47 k, RE = 3.9 k, R C = 6.8 k, and β =100, determine the dc collector current and dc collector voltage of each transistor. (b) Draw the small-signal equivalent circuit of the entire amplifier and give the values of all its components. (c) Find Rin1 and vb1/vsig for Rsig = 5 k. (d) Find Rin2 and vb2/vb1. (e) For RL = 2 k, find vo/vb2. (f) Find the overall voltage gain vo/vsig.

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