A parallel-timed circuit is found to have insufficient bandwidth. You can increase the bandwidth of the circuit by increasing circuit resistance adding resistance in parallel. using the conjugate impedance. increasing the Ohm. Look at this graph of current and voltage phase relationships. The circuit that produces die illustrated current and voltage phase relationships would be purely inductive purely capacitive inductive with some resistance capacitive with some resistance The circuit that has the characteristic curve shown in the figure would have a Q of 9.1. 1.5. 30.3. 45.5. 4. Look at the circuit in the figure. The inductive reactance of this circuit is 200 Ohm, the capacitive reactance of C_1 is 100 Ohm the capacitive reactance of C_2 is 100 Ohm and the value of resistor R_1 is 500 Ohm. What is the total impedance of the circuit? 900 Ohm 500 Ohm 200 Ohm 100 Ohm In the circuit shown, if the value of the reactive component was increased, how would it change die waveforms? The phase shift between the current and the

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