An oscilloscope grid is calibrated so that one square represents 1-V vertically and 1 m sec horizontally. If the height of a square wave pulse display is 6 squares, the width of the pulse is 7 squares, and the cycle of the wave is 16 squares, the average value of the pulse is A. 1.73 V. B. 2.63 V. C. 3.97 V. D. 4.32 V. To change the relationship between a waveform and the zero-volt axis, and at the same time retain the shape of the wave, you would use a A. toggled flip flop. B. d-c restorer. C. limiter. D. clipper. Which one of the following actions will you take to decrease the rise time of pulses passing through an amplifier? A. Increase low-frequency response. B. Decrease low-frequency response. C. Increase high-frequency response. D. Decrease high-frequency response. The simplest clamping circuit consists of a A. diode and capacitor. B. diode and resistor. C. capacitor and resistor. D. capacitor and inductor. If the pulse repetition rate (PRR) of a transmitted pulse is 400 pulses per second, what is the period of the waveform? A. 2.5 msec B. 4.0 msec C. 25 msec D. 40 msec The time that it takes for a capacitor to completely charge or discharge is, for all practical purposes, equal to time constants. A. two B. three C. four D. five

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