Assume that B = – cap z 8 Wb/m^2 for 0 lessthanorequalto x lessthanorequalto 3 on the xy-plane, as shown in the figure below. There is also a square loop made out thin conducting wire, with a side length of 2 m. The square loop is on the xy-plane too, -3 lessthanorequalto x lessthanorequalto -1 m and 0.5 lessthanorequalto x lessthanorequalto 2.5 m. At t = 0, this loop starts to move along the x-axis with a constant velocity of 1m/s. The square loop has an internal resistance of 2 ohm. Calculate and plot current inducted on the square loop for 0 lessthanorequalto t lessthanorequalto 8 s. What will we be direction of the current (i.e. clockwise, counter-clockwise, etc).

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