Identify the circuit shown in the diagram. A. Isolation amplifier B. Differential amplifier C. Current follower D. Voltage follower For which of the following purposes would you use an integrated circuit known as a port? A. To store data bits or bytes for later operations B. To decode memory addresses for RAM chips C. To keep serial bits from entering parallel registers D. To route data bits or bytes into or out of a system If the ambient temperature of a semiconductor device is too high, you should check for a missing A. mu-metal shield. B. transducer. C. hybrid. D. heat sink. When you encounter instability in an IC oscillator, what is the usual cause? A. Feedback at the wrong frequency B. High slew rate C. Open power supply lead D. Too much gain Which one of the following IC devices commonly includes both JFET and bipolar technology? A. Shift register B. Analog switch C. Microprocessor unit D. Cross-point switches When the element phosphorus is added as a donor to intrinsic silicon, the result is A. P material. B. N material. C. PN junction. D. a TTL device.

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