The process of converting a decimal number to binary is one type of encoding. decoding. binary addition. binary subtraction. If a green LED indicates logic 0 on a probe and a red LED indicates logic 1, what happens when the probe senses a logic stream with a duty cycle of 80%? Red LED glows brighter. Green LED glows brighter. Brightness is the same for both LEDS. Both LEDS remain dark. What is the frequency of a digital logic signal with a repetition time of 2.5 msec and a duty cycle of 25%? 40 Hz 400 Hz 312 Hz 625 Hz One way to test a flip-flop is by using a strapping/pulsing technique. Which of the following makes a J-K toggle its Q and Q-not outputs? J and K high, pulse at T J low, K high, pulse at T J and K low, pulse at T J high, K low, pulse at T Of the following logic devices, which one draws the least current per gate from a power supply? DTL NMOS RTL CML What maximum percentage of a-c ripple is usually acceptable at the input to a d-c voltage regulator (not counting extra-sensitive computer systems)? 0.01% 0.1% 1% 10%

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